Rules, Schedules and Rosters!


Below you will find the 2017 Tournament Rules, General Schedule, Games Schedule and Tournament Roster





Game Times:        A ten (10) minute grace period for the first game of       

                               the  day only will be allowed.  Call tournament director       

                               before any forfeits.


                              All Teams must be at their reported field at least 30 minutes prior to  

                              their scheduled start time. 


                              The director can change game field locations and game times at 

                              any time he see’s fit to keep tournament running on schedule.


Home Team:    Coin flip will be used to determine the home team.


Time Limits:     Sixty minute (60) time limit for each game. If game is tied after 7 

                               innings  or 60 minutes has expired the umpire will go to one pitch 

                               and complete the game.


Run Rule:           Twenty (20) runs after 3 full innings of play.

                               Fifteen (15) runs after 4 innings of play.

                               Ten (10) runs after 5 innings of play.


Rain:                    Only the tournament director & weather committee will stop games.


Home Runs:     Any player who hits over the fence does not need to run the bases.  

                              All players on bases will leave field without running bases.


Rules:                 All USSSA 2017 rules will be used.

Each player starts with 1 & 1 count (batter has one ball & 1 strike  

to start)  NO EXTRA FOULS

No metal spikes


Protests:           All protests must be decided before the next pitch is thrown or   

                              protest is denied.


Runners:          Last out only and one per inning in open bracket.  Unlimited runners  

                             in 40 & over bracket.


Additional Hitter Rule: (OPTIONAL- NOT MANDATORY). Eleven or twelve batters will be submitted on the score sheet prior to the start of the game. The additional hitter(s) may substitute in the field for any player at any time during the game; however, the eleven or twelve players must bat in their original order during the entire game.


If the game is started with eleven or twelve it must end with eleven or twelve players, if substitutions are available. In case of any ejection or injury, a team may finish with nine, ten or eleven players; if a substitute is not available there will be an OUT taken in the batting order spot of the missing player.


Player Eligibility: A player may only play in either the OPEN Division or 

                                     the 40 & Over Division. If a player is found to have played in both     

                                     they will be suspended from playing the rest of the weekend. 

                                     If a player’s local has a Team in the Tournament they must play 

                                     with that local.  See below examples.

 EXAMPLE # 1         If Local 1619 has 1 or more teams in the Open Division, any 

                                    member from Local 1619 wishing to play in the Open Division 

                                    must play with a Team from Local 1619.



EXAMPLE #2          LOCAL 1619 does not have a Team in the Open Division, any 

                                    player from Local 1619 who wishes to play in the Open Division     

                                    may play with any Local they so choose.



INSERT 40 & Over instead of Open Division






Every player must have their IAFF Union Card with them during the Tournament.

Coaches need to register your Team before you start play & submit your roster prior to start of tournament with each players full name & IAFF #. 

Coaches if a player is protested about their IAFF status & Local affiliation and they do not have their proper credentials as mentioned above they will be ejected from the game and the remainder of the tournament. 

Any player who is a new member to the IAFF & has yet to receive their Card must bring a letter from their Local President stating they are a member and are awaiting their Union Card. The letter must be signed & dated from the local president along with his or her phone #.







1. Each team is allowed five (5) untouched over-the-fence home runs. Any touched ball over the fence is considered a four base award.


2. Once a team has reached the five (5) home run limit, any additional home runs will be recorded as an out.


3. If BOTH teams have reached the limit then each team can hit an additional home run to go “ONE AHEAD” of the opposition. Any home runs that exceed the “ONE AHEAD” rule will also be an out.


4. Teams can continue to go “ONE AHEAD” for the remainder of the game, EXCEPT FOR THE 7TH INNING.



Team (A) hits five home runs in the top of the first.  Team (A) cannot hit anymore until Team (B) hits five home runs to catch up. At this point either team can hit one more home run to go “ONE AHEAD”. Both teams can never be more than “ONE AHEAD” for the remainder of the game and all excess home runs are outs.


This will be in effect for both Divisions of play-


General Schedule


Team Roster


Game Schedule



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